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The purpose of this website is to provide employers a dedicated source for actionable information on obesity management. We will post articles, presentations, case studies and other materials to this site and make them available for download. We will also post links to other sites where useful information is available.

This site is published by Eisai Inc. and produced by The Benfield Group in collaboration with Eisai, which provides input and sole financial support.


Sixth Issue of Closing the Gap eNewsletter: Managing Obesity and Other Cardiometabolic Risks – Aligning Priorities, Strategies and Tactics

Closing the Gap – News on Obesity Management #6: The Sixth issue of the newsletter is now available. This issue focuses on the linkages between obesity and other cardiometabolic risk factors of concern to employers—and the importance of aligning priorities, strategies and tactics to address these risks effectively.

Case for Concern

This one-page overview from Eisai describes the costly disconnect between physicians and overweight/obese patients regarding obesity and weight loss. Employers and payers can be part of the solution.

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Fifth Issue of Closing the Gap eNewsletter:

Strengthening Obesity Management While Controlling Costs: Implementing Effective Benefit Design for Medical Therapies

Closing the Gap – News on Obesity Management #5: The fifth issue of the newsletter is now available. This issue provides guidance to employers on ways to use evidence-based benefit design to provide appropriate, cost-effective support to their overweight and obese employees.

Evidence-Based Guidelines for Weight Management Therapies

A number of medical societies and healthcare quality organizations have developed Evidence-Based Guidelines for the care of overweight and obese patients. Employers may want to review these guidelines to ensure that their obesity management strategies and benefit designs are aligned with evidence-based standards of care.

The Links page of this website provides links to a set of these guidelines

Third Issue of Closing the Gap eNewsletter: The Employer Experience in Smoking Cessation: Lessons for Obesity Management

Closing the Gap – News on Obesity Management #3 The third issue of the newsletter has just been published. This issue begins a two part series that describes how employers can look to lessoned learned from smoking cessation strategies for guidance in formulating their approach to obesity prevention and management.

Website Launch

Dear Readers,

We are pleased to launch the Closing the Gap website today with the following resources for employers:

  • Closing the Gap in Obesity Management Solutions—a publication with recommendations from leading employers
  • Current and archived issues of the Closing the Gap eNewsletter
  • Access to employer specialists at Eisai Inc.
  • Links to other websites with useful information and tools for obesity management

 We hope you will check out the pages and postings on this site—and find resources that are helpful to you.